About Vizeri Tactical Flashlights

A Vizeri LED tactical flashlight is built for those people who need military-or police-level quality but don’t have the financial resources of a government to purchase it. We believe everyone should be able to afford to have at least one quality flashlight for those times that demand a reliable light.

We start by using new technology LED semiconductors made by Cree in the USA. It used to be that bright LED flashlights had to use a dozen or so LEDs to produce a decent amount of light. That increased the size of the light and it took more power to drive them. Now, one small LED semiconductor replaces all those LEDs and produces even more light more efficiently. The result is a brilliant, powerful beam of light that brings a little daylight to dark nights.

Then we use the finest components to carry and support that LED. These components include precision-milled aircraft aluminum tubes, military specification hardened coatings, gold-plated conductors, scratch-resistant tempered glass or impact resistant acrylic lenses, light amplifying reflectors, and silicone rubber sealing rings. All these components are finely crafted together in one value-packed integrated package.

A flashlight is only as good as the battery that lights it so we make sure all our lights can use low-cost Lithium-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries. These not only provide ample power, but unlike some rechargeable flashlights with a fixed battery, these can be quickly swapped out so your flashlight is always ready to do its job.

We back all of this with world-class customer service to give you the absolute best experience you can get from any tactical flashlight. We guarantee you will never be disappointed with your Vizeri LED light.